Python Docstring Processing System Project History


David Goodger






I would like to acknowledge the people who have made a direct impact on the Python Docstring Processing System (DPS) project, knowingly or not, in terms of encouragement, suggestions, criticism, bug reports, code contributions, and related projects:

David Ascher, Fred Drake, Jim Fulton, Peter Funk, Doug Hellmann, Juergen Hermann, Tony Ibbs, Richard Jones, Garth Kidd, Daniel Larsson, Marc-Andre Lemburg, Wolfgang Lipp, Edward Loper, Ken Manheimer, Paul Moore, Michel Pelletier, Sam Penrose, Tim Peters, Mark Pilgrim, Tavis Rudd, Ueli Schlaepfer, Bob Tolbert, Laurence Tratt, Guido van Rossum, Barry Warsaw, Edward Welbourne, Ka-Ping Yee, Moshe Zadka

(I'm still waiting for contributions of computer equipment and cold hard cash :-).) Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone or misspelled any names; apologies (and please let me know!) if I have.

Release 0.4 (2002-04-18)

This is the final release of DPS as an independent package. Development is being transferred to the Docutils project immediately.

General: updated docstrings for new field list syntax (bibliographic info); changed contact email addresses.

Release 0.3 (2001-07-19)

Release 0.2 (2001-06-18)

PEP numbers assigned 2001-06-06. PEPs first posted to comp.lang.python 2001-06-13.

Release 0.1 (2001-06-02)

The project web site and the first project release were rolled out. Candidate PEPs posted to Doc-SIG 2001-06-03.