Docstring Processing System

This project is now inactive. All development has been taken over by the Docutils project.

last updated: 2002-04-21

The purpose of the Python Docstring Processing System project is to create a standard, modular tool for extracting inline documentation from Python modules and converting it into useful formats, such as HTML, XML, and TeX.

Project Status

This project is now inactive. All development has been taken over by the Docutils project.

This project consists of a Python package, “dps”. This contains utility modules and three subpackages, dps.parsers, dps.formatters, and dps.languages. Each of the subpackages will contain further modules or packages implementing individual components.

Good progress is being made with regards to the parser interface. The dps.statemachine module is useful for line-based parsing of input text using regular expressions, and is being used by the reStructuredText input parser.

CVS Snapshots

The final CVS snapshots are available below:

Project Releases

Development has been suspended at this site. All new development is taking place at the Docutils project.

The final project release package (dps-0.4.tar.gz) and past project releases can be downloaded from the project files page. The final reStructuredText package (restructuredtext-0.4.tar.gz) is also required. Anonymous CVS access is available. You can also browse the latest source files (CVS) individually, and read the final README and HISTORY files.


The specification consists of: candidate PEPs (Python Enhancement Proposals), XML DTDs (document type definitions), an XML catalog file, and some notes. All of the specification files are located in the spec directory of the latest project release package (dps-0.4.tar.gz) (which may not be up to date). The up-to-date working documents (from CVS) may be accessed individually below, or from the snapshots above. You can also browse the CVS repository directly.

* The PEP titles above are links to local working copies, possibly newer than the versions checked in to the master PEP repository.


DPS Wants You!

This project will only succeed through the combined efforts of many. We're looking for contributions of testing, ideas, code, bug reports, administration, tasty snacks, computer equipment, and large sums of money. If you're interested in participating, please contact the project administrator.

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